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> > I continued through all the "you are a liar" barrage last
> > time because I wanted to get my thoughts out.  This time
> > I do not have that motivation.  I am just enjoying hearing
> > from old friends, especially since many were perplexed
> > about me leaving TM after being so into it for so long.
> >
> > Thanks again.
> Good to hear from you. I agree wholeheartedly with
> Shemp. There is only one sane response -- DO NOT

Me, several days ago:

"Curtis, I've been restraining myself.  I have
a whole lot to say about our previous encounters,
and you might think about whether you really want
to set me off."

Curtis, disregarding my advisory:

"So if you want to tell me why you reacted to my
post like that I would like to hear it."

And then after I'd told him:

"I still would like to know what upset you about
my post."

This forum is catnip for Curtis, a place where
folks practically beg to have the wool pulled
over their eyes, very much unlike alt.m.t.  And
he's taken full advantage of the opportunity,
with considerable success.

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