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> > > She's lost yet another imagined bet. But what an actice
> > > imagination!
> > > Thats the power of TM.
> >
> > Actually, I won the bet.  I bet that Curtis, having
> > ignored my suggestion that he didn't really want to
> > get me started, would turn tail and run once he had
> > done so.
> Uh, Judy? (as the men in white coats quietly enter the room) Hate
> to break this to you but, see, in order for there to be an
> actual "bet" there has to be two different people that actually
> agree to be the two opposing parties to the bet (the men in white
> coats get out a shirt with really long arms).

Right.  Cast your eyes upward, Shemp, and re-read
what anon_astute wrote.

Oh, never mind, I know that takes more effort than
you can spare, so I'll copy it right here:

"She's lost yet another imagined bet."

Now, carefully count five words in.  Do you see the
word "imagined"?

Good.  Do you know what it means?

No?  Why don't you try checking Mr. Dictionary?

Done that?  Good.

Now: What's the difference, do you suppose, between
an "actual bet" (your term) and an "imagined bet"
(anon_astute's term)?  (You may need to look up
"actual" in Mr. Dictionary now.  I'll wait.)

Done that?  Good.

Remember, I was responding to anon_astute's comment.
Therefore, the chances are excellent--overwhelmingly
likely, in fact--that when I said "I won the bet," I
was referring to what anon_astute called, quite
correctly, an "imagined bet."

Now do you see why it's so important to read what
you're responding to, so you don't make an utter
fool of yourself yet again?


OK.  Never mind...

Now go take your medication, please.

> Writing "I bet Curtis does or doesn't do this or that thing"
> unilaterally on this forum doesn't actually constitute a "bet" (as
> men with white coats fit our subject into shirt with really long
> arms and the sound of velcro is heard).

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