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> > Remember when the Hari Krisnas used to accost people in airports
> and
> > public streets and hit them up for "donations"?  Although I
> remember
> > them doing it in full Krishna regalia (i.e. flowing robes,
> pigtails
> > and tambourines), I also remember when they went through a stage
> in
> > which they did the prostelytizing purposely dressed as
> >
> > And, sneakily, they would ask for donations for
their "educational
> > organisation".  If pressed further, they would say it was
> > for "ISKCON" and unless you asked them what that was an acronym
> for,
> > you were none-the-wiser that you were giving money to the HK's.
> >
> > Well, TMer Stephen Collins pulled a Hari Krishna last year when
> > appeared on Bravo's Celebrity Poker series (he won) in which
> > episode 5 celebrities play No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em for their
> > favourite charity.
> >
> > Collins announced he was playing for "The MUM Foundation".  No
> > mention of TM or Maharishi, just like the Hari Krishnas used
> > All he did was explain that the Mum Foundation offered a
> technology
> > to promote World Peace.
> >
> > Take a look:
> >
> > http://tinyurl.com/zroba
> >
> *******************
> Celebrities at these poker games are not expected to blab on about
> their charities.

...but they are expected to be honest...

> Collins gave the same brief exposition that all the
> other players did

...none of the other celebrities hid the actual name of the

> -- it was not a venue for a TM lecture.

...hiding the name of the organisation and not giving a lecture are
two different things...

> The Bravo
> page you link to above contains a hotlink to
> http://www.permanentpeace.org from the MUM Foundation line.

...putting a link on the website is not the same as saying the full
name of the charity on TV where it's seen and heard by probably a
thousand times more people.

And, mind you, on the website MUM Foundation is STILL only given as
the acronym and NOT the full name.

Indeed, if you click on to the "players" link on the left at the
same web and check all 35 players' charities, you'll see that only
three others' charities use acronyms...and that's because they are
charities or illnesses that are so WELL KNOWN that it isn't
necessary (e.g. SPCA, CARE, ALS)...all the others give the full name
(or the acronym WITH the full name)

Check out what this fellow says on his blog about the sneaky way
Collins did it:


> If you
> say "TM" to the average person, they might think they know
> about from hearing about the Beatles etc -- by talking about world
> peace, it gives people an opportunity to look at the topic afresh.

Sounds like the same justification that cults like Hare Krishna and
the Moonies give for why THEY hide their organisations' names when
THEY are trying to raise money.

Sorry, Bob, but the downside of NOT giving full disclosure is a
whole lot more damaging than giving full disclosure...


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