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> Guffaw. Citing Andrew Skolnick's Judy Stein worship website as
> proof of HER problems only shows your own biases.

I don't think he has any idea who Skolnick is, so
it's only biased in the sense that he made that
assumption without bothering to find out first.

> In fact, Curtis pushed her buttons here and she responded in
> the way eeryone knows she does.

Except that in this case, I was doing my damndest
*not* to respond that way.  I told him that, but
he wasn't going to let himself be cheated of what
he came here for, so he kept pushing.

> Now, would it be nice if Judy didn't respond in her usual way?
Sure. However, you and
> everyone else jumping on the "Judy's the one in the wrong here"
bandwagon knows damn
> well that this is how Judy responds to certain buttons being 
> Criticizing her for responding as everyone knows she does is well,
hypocrtical. If you don't
> want her to respond to a certain button-push, don't push that
certain button.
> And don't praise the button-pusher for their restraint in only
pushing the button gently!!!

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