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> > I'm not sure what celibacy has to do with being a teacher; is this
> > a Catholic thing? or something?
> There's a very long tradition, possibly based on
> experience, that when sexual energy is sublimated,
> it facilitates the process of enlightenment.
> In some cases this allegedly purely practical value
> of celibacy in *gaining* enlightenment gets intertwined
> with the notion that celibacy demonstrates perfect
> nonattachment to desires, i.e., that it is a
> characteristic of one who has *achieved* enlightenment.
> And this can result in two corollary notions: (a)
> deliberately frustrating sexual desire (as opposed
> to sublimating it) leads to nonattachment, and (b)
> the teacher who is not celibate must not be enlightened,
> and therefore is not qualified to teach.
> Add to this mix the cultural value of "virtue," i.e.,
> that sex for anything but procreation is inherently
> evil, and you end up with quite a judgmental mess.

MMY's quasi-official announcement on the subject is that for people who are comfortable
with celibacy, this is the fastest way to get enlightened, but for people who are not, the
strain of trying to remain celibate is counter-evolutionary. For those people, it is BETTER
to be married.

I see no contradiction between his public statements on the subject and his private
behavior, regardless of the truth of the rumors of his having GFs over the years.

At worst, he never found a lifemate.

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