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> I hope  not.  But I've run into the notion that
> she's going to take the money  and run a whole
> bunch of times now.  I was wondering if there  was
> some *law* in the UK that she had to get a
> particular amount if  there wasn't a prenup.  I
> don't think there is in the  U.S.
> Well don't be surprised if she does try a money grab. I bet  there
are a lot
> of lawyers wanting to tell her what they can do for her right  now.

I'll bet she'll do something like this: take about $10-20 million
for herself with about $100-200 million going into a charity of her
choice with the agreement that she controls it (for things like
landmines and protecting any animals that had the fortune to be born
cute and cuddly...no rats or snakes need apply!)

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