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> on 5/21/06 12:27 PM, authfriend at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Well, Paul's exhortations are certainly warm and fuzzy.
> >
> > But the issue you had raised was why the *TMO* wasn't
> > going around doing good works comparable to Amma's;
> > that's what Shemp was responding to.
> >
> > As Shemp pointed out, there's nothing stopping a TMer
> > from engaging in charitable activities in a non-TM
> > context;
> Yes there is. There's a mindset, explicitly cultivated by MMY,
that helping
> people on a relative level is inferior to developing individual and
> collective consciousness, so as to get to the root of all
problems. By the
> same token, MMY goes after the rich people so that they, in turn,
will help
> the less fortunate. Sort of a spiritual Reganomics, which hasn't
worked in
> either arena.
Imo, it is inaccurate to see Amma's work and Maharishi's work in
opposition to one another, as you and Bob are doing. Each performs a
critical function. Depends on our perspective which one we naturally
support. No right or wrong.

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