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> > Some of the early quantum pioneers considered the relationship
> > between pure Consciousness and phenomena, concluding that the
> > Transcendent in the context of Brahman "points" to analogous
> > in physics; but contrary to what MMY would have people believe,
> > is no physics of his "Unified Field".
> There is in Hagelin's original work to make Flipped SU(5) more
vedic and in his relatively
> more recent work with MMY that examined what Hagelin
termed "uncanny" (or similar term)
> parallels at ALL levels between the QM description of the world and
the vedic.

I think "Rco akSare..." is a good example of that.
/Rco/ is sandhi for /RcaH/ which in turn is at least
nominative plural of /Rk/ (as in Rg-veda: Rk + veda).
I think Maharishi translates /RcaH/ to "impulses of
creative intelligence", or something like that.
I guess it's  pure coincidence, but in Finnish the
word "rikki" means 'broken'. "Thus", one might say that
/Rk/ refers to the first level(?) of symmetry breaking... :0
The word /akSara/ can be read at least either as
a /karma-dhaaraya(?)/-compound (imperishable) or as
a /tatpuruSa(?)/-compound (kSara of 'a' [the sound 'ah'])
And so on, and so on... ad infinitum... blah blah blah...  :)

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