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> On May 23, 2006, at 5:03 PM, sparaig wrote:
> > There's a guy who used to lecture at MUM/MIU who has a PhD in 
> > Indian Studies (I believe)
> > who did his PhD work pointing out the cultural origins of the TM 
> > movement. His PhD
> > thesis is much better documented and researched examination of a 
> > specific example of
> > what she discusses. Can't remember his name, but his thesis was 
> > online last I checked. If
> > you want, I'll track him down. Anyone know who I'm talking about?
> Sure pass it on. It'd be nice to pass on to others interested in
> the phenomenon of Vedic Creation Science and Vedic Intelligent
> Design.


However, the parts of the dissertation that Coplin has on
the Web don't address MMY's Vedic Science per se.

And again, what Nanda calls "Vedic Creationism" does
not appear to be what MMY teaches in that it doesn't
"propose to replace Darwinian evolution with 'devolution'
from the original one-ness with Brahman" (key word being

As to "Vedic Intelligent Design," that's your phrase,
not hers.  I've addressed it in another post.

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