Since last night 11pm or so PST, there have been 25 posts. 15 of them
stem from Shemp deciding now was a good time to revisit his views of
what Judy posted in January.

If that one post were kept at the poster's thought level, the ensuing
low value (IMO) 14 posts would have not been posted. If the 14
subsequent chain of replies were kept at the poster's thought level,
then the abundant fuel (apparently of venom) would not be added to the
spark of one posters  momentary (hopefully) lapse of judgement and taste.

This perhaps requires posters to realize just because they thought the
thought, that does not necessarily make the thought valid, useful,
humorous, insightful or of  broad value -- that is, it may not be
worth posting. 

If posters were less possessed / driven by the past events and
percieved ego hurts, and less prone to listening to inner deep layers
of preconceptions, prejudgements of posters -- and simply read each
post for what is in the post itself (not myriads of past posts
rattling in their brains), then discussion on FFL would be far more
interesting IMO -- and not a reincarnation of a 60's type encounter group.

Is being driven by and apparently obsessed with the past a sign of
deeply embedded spirituality? Makes one wonder about the effectiveness
of all these techniques people have been practicing for years.

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