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>> "Not digging in the dirt" is the rationale used by many sidhas here
>> when they move into a S-ved home as a way of solving their marital
>> communication problems, or do a yagya as a way to treat their
>> chronic depression or OCD, or spend half their waking life
>> meditating trying to get over some early life emotional pain.
>> I agree there's a severe limit to the progress that can be made
>> with talk therapy that focuses on intellectual analysis of past
>> hurts.  But the fact remains that you can't transcend your way
>> out of deep emotional pain, you have to go through it...
> Mark, it's the *absolutism* of statements like this that
> I'm commenting on. What you say in the last sentence
> above is SIMPLY NOT TRUE.
> I and many of my friends have had severe emotional pain
> and trauma just fucking GO AWAY as a result of spiritual
> sadhana that did not require us to focus on it or "go
> through it." Leave some room in your pronouncements for
> other possibilities, eh?  :-)
> I am *NOT* saying that I don't think dealing with emotional
> issues is not a good thing for some people if they swing
> that way. But is it the ONLY way such issues can be
> resolved? No way.

I'm not sure where I stand on this issue. My father was an alcoholic. Aside
from having good qualities (talented professional artist who supported his
family, took me skiing and fishing, Boy Scout camping trips, etc.), he kept
us all up several nights a week screaming obscenities at my mother, which
eventually drove her to suicide attempts and mental hospitals. No I didn't
have a rosy childhood and presumably have deep emotional pain to work
through. But I've never done anything to work through it other than to to
meditate regularly for 37 years. I'm a pretty happy guy. Do I have a deep
load of crap that is some day going to rear its ugly head unless I probe
into and resolve it? I honestly don't know. Maybe I do; maybe I don't. I
have several friends who Awakened recently, and they say that soon
thereafter, the shit hit the fan. They began feeling guilt and other
emotions that needed dealing with a thousand times more intensely than
before their awakening. Maybe that's in store for me. Maybe not. Stay tuned.

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