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   The character of the best Northerners barely approximates the character of mediocre
Southerners.   Some of the most considerate,  thoughtful, and hopeful people on Earth are
from Mississippi.
         I am a native Louisianian, with ancestors there several hundred years in the past.  I
was disappointed to  hear knee-jerk racist expressions from southern whites about the
blacks who were stranded by Katrina floodwaters in New Orleans.  Deeply engrained
racism remains in the character of Southerners, and casts an ugly scar on what would be a
beautiful face of Southerners, were it not for racism..  What a shame....
Racism towards blacks is not limited to the South. Yes the South has the legacy of slavery, but the slave ships sailed from Boston and New York where blacks have not been treated well even up to recently. And the South had the legacy of the Jim Crow laws which were a result of the failure of reconstruction policies forced upon the South by the federal government after the freeing of the slaves. And the South has the legacy of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, just turns out there were as many, if not more, members in Northern states. I personally believe racism is a human quality that all people have to some degree or another all over the world. The more intelligent ones can recognize it for what it is and make the effort  to over come it.

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