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> > I am reading a book called : Worse than Slavery.  Parchman
> >  Farm and the Ordeal of Jim Crow Justice, as background
> > material for my history of blues presentation.  The reason
> > they used to round up young black men and literally work
> > them to death on contract labor projects and beat them with
> > leather strops dipped in salt and sand, was because they
> > had a core belief that black men were fundamentally inferior,
> > more animal than man, so they needed physical punishment to
> > be controlled.  From the book: ""We must not be held to too
> > strict an accountability,' a Southern penologist complained.
> > 'We have a large alien population, an inferior race...'"
> >
> > This is the context that I saw the "division of the races
> > by gunas" post and objected.
> I think that's a sad but accurate representation of
> the classical Indian thought that Maharishi represents.
> Consider all his language about people being unable
> to govern themselves, and needing an 'enlightened'
> leadership. Superiority runs through the entire belief
> system, from 'TM is the best technique of meditation
> in the world' to 'Only siddhas can save the world by
> doing their program' to "You can't see other teachers
> because you'll become infected with their ideas.'
> It's 'the white man's burden' reworded as 'the enlight-
> ened man's burden.' And it's effective because it appeals
> to the elitist in all of us.

...and don't forget the constant dissing of the concept of
democracy, the ultimate "shoving it" to elitism.

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