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> > > I'm just sayin' to you guys...'Lost' is a much
> > > better obsession, and with far better-lookin'
> > > babes than the Old Testament...  :-)
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> > I've never seen "Lost" but I understand Michelle Rodrigues
> > is in it.  Loved her in "Girl Fight".
> She's cute in a tough sorta way. Unfortunately her
> off-screen carousing may have gotten to be a bit
> too much for the producers, so suffice it to say
> she won't be in the third season much.

Her performance in "Girl Fight" is the kind of performance that
makes me want to see her in all future movies she does.  And,
unfortunately, when I fall in love with an actor's performance in a
movie, it gives me an unfair expectation for that actor or actress
to live up to the same wonderful experience they initially gave me.

I'm thinking especially of Dominique Swain's performance as "Lolita"
in Adrian Lyne's "Lolita" which I believe was the best performance
by an actress in any movie in the '90s.  For about 5 years
afterwards,  I went out of my way to see her in any movie she's
done.  Sadly, nothing lived up to "Lolita" although she probably did
an acceptable job in everything she appeared in...indeed, she has
quite a good resume since "Lolita" so directors and casting agents
obviously think she's good enough.  But I guess I've been spoiled
since that initial performance.

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