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> > >  So, "Caucasians"= Sattva dominates, rajas secondary
> > >      "Semitic"   = Rajas dominates, sattva secondary
> > >      "Oriental"  = Rajas dominates, tamas secondary
> > >      "Black"     = Tamas dominates, rajas secondary
> >
> > Someone doesn't know math, or is fudging it
> > to make things come out according to their
> > racist theories. There are two missing
> > combinations:
> > Sattva dominant, tamas secondary.
> > Tamas dominant, sattva secondary.
> ***********
> If you RTM, you will discover why.
> > MMY commentary on Ch 4, v. 13 of the Gita:
> >
> > "This is the fourfold order in creation. Every species, whether
> > vegetable, animal or human, is divided into four categories,
> > acccording to the four divisions of the gunas, which determine
> > the natural mode of activity of each category."
> If you have discarded your copy of the B.G., you can buy it here:
> http://tinyurl.com/jl3qh

I did throw away my copy of Maharishi's Gita decades
ago, but couldn't really replace it right now if I
wanted to because I've already exceeded my yearly
budget for fiction.  :-)

I simply cannot believe that you answered the question
on the possible mathematical combinations of three
items by quoting a passage from an interpretation
of a translation of a work of fiction, a passage that
doesn't even deal with the question, and in fact creates
it by pretending there are (conveniently) only four
possible combinations of three items.

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