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> > Saw the Da Vinci Code last night and actually enjoyed it. 
> > Wasn't going to see it so soon (I was waiting for the
> > crowds to go down buy X-Men took care of that).
> >
> > What's the rumpus?  I don't know why there were so many
> > negative reports about the movie, which I try to avoid
> > anyway, it was really very good.
> I thought that the main problem with the film was
> that it did too good a job of giving all the
> characters the same depth and three-dimensionality
> they had in the book. That is, none. :-)
> At least they didn't try to replicate the full
> effect of Dan Brown's writing style. That would
> have required the use of fingernails on a black-
> board in the sountrack music.

Ironically, fatally flawed as it was, I found Angels and Demons to be far superior in every

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