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> > > I always felt, that somewhere around the year 2000, we would 
> > > be plunged into a right-wing take-over of the government..
> >
> > Ten or 15 years ago, jyotishies and ooga-booga
> > counselors were telling my wife and me the nation
> > would go through a low point around 2001, then
> > start climbing to good times that would be evident
> > by 2011. I don't know where we're headed, but
> > these last few years have seemed to fit the "low
> > point" description.
> We can only hope...

It can get much worse. Think it through. The radical
right, also termed the Neo-Conservatives, have been
planning this takeover for decades, while spouting
their theories in thinktanks and in the right-wing
press. Those theories have now been put to the test
for the last six years. And pretty much every one
of them -- economic, social, international relations,
how to wage war -- has been proven to be dismal

These people *cannot* be re-elected on their platform.
It has been proven to be baseless. But they're in
power and they will not easily let it go, especially
since they realize that they could not regain that
power in fair elections for decades, maybe never.
Therefore they'll have to try something else to
enable them to hold onto the power.

It could get much worse...

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