The fellow who was sold a broken laptop on eBay. He
pulled the hard disk out and found all sorts of
identifying and incriminating information on it about
the seller (including 90 camera-phone shots of women's
legs taken on the subway) and made a mocking revenge
blog site from it.
The article:
The revenge site:,
still up for now, although local police are investigating
it as a hate crime. (!)

The fellow who put his car for sale on eBay and then
appended his hilarious replies to the hundreds of
e-mail queries he got from some of eBay's lesser minds.
Be sure to get to the second web page, where he addresses
George, who offered to swap a weekend with his wife for
the car, and Bob, who was obsessed with finding out about
the car's cup holders.

"Farmer's huge arse pops up on Google Earth"

Bloke finds self on Google Earth

Google shifts Greenwich Meridian

The Handbag From Hell (or Rugby fans obviously have
far too much time on their hands):,2106,3689866a10,00.html

* credit to my bro for the first few, and to a fellow
  Bruce Cockburn fan for the last one...

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