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> > > Can a student "get it" (things tantric) via transmission?
> >
> > Well, it depends what you mean by *transmission*. In
> > some lineages you always receive a transmission before
> > you practice, that's your "initiation" and permission
> > to do the practice.
> I got the impression nmbs was asking whether entire
> techniques and realizations can be transmitted to the
> student 'mind to mind,' without the use of words. If
> that was the question, I'd have to answer that with
> a big "Yes."

Yes. That was what nmbs was asking. (I am pleased you received that
transmission clearly. :) )

And thus supporting, though in no way proving, the following train of
logic and possibilities:

1) did SBS practice (real) tantra? Apparently yes.

2) did MMY use or teach some tantric things (regardless of what  he
called them)? Apparently yes.

3) Could SBS have known and even taught things (possibly including
tantric) he did not personally practice? Apparently yes.

4) Could SBS have taught MMY tantric things appropriate for
householders (his focus for MMY)? Possibly.

5) Could SBS or other teachers have taught MMY tantric things by
(passive or active) "transmission"? Possibly.

6) Could MMY have learned tantric things via Ritam, mandala, or some
other means of inner knowldge? Possibly.

7) Did MMY experiment and test lots of things? Emphatically yes.

8) Could MMY have sought to test some sexual tantric practices that he
picked up i) directly from a teacher, or, ii) via transmission, or
iii) from other yogis (tat walla babba,etc), or iv) from pundits
/scriptures? Possibly.

9) Could MMY have solely sought raw sensual pleasure from his
encounters? Possibly. (But doesn't fit his MO,IMO.)

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