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> > I am for the full legalisation of drugs, as I've posted
> > here many times.
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> > But there's nothing -- absolutely no reason -- for
> > participants on a spiritual site to have any suggestions
> > in their minds that drugs are a good thing.
> The editors of Tricycle, probably the most
> respected Buddhist journal, disagreed. A few
> years ago they devoted an entire issue to a
> discussion of the relationship of drugs and
> spiritual development. It was a wonderful
> issue, very ballsy, and presented viewpoints
> from all sides, but without any of the rancor
> and moralism we're starting to see here.
> Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. New York:
> Buddhist Ray, Inc. Vol. VI, number 1, Fall, 1996.

I'm right; they're wrong.

But, of course, they're entitled to their opinion...just as that
Dutch group of pedophiles who are trying to start their own
political party because they feel it's okay to bugger teenage
boys...and they put up a good argument for it:


Without reading it, I am guessing that the Buddhists who wrote the
above tract are on a par -- at least rationally -- with the
pedophile party.

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