Well, why do you not try saying something instead of just bleating like a bloody castrated sheep?  Star a sodding conversation for Ker-Riced sake - what's the matter with you lot here - nothing but moan moan bloody moan all the time.
Hey man, you are alive, say something  before you aint. Leave some bloody footprints in the sands of time for kids yet to come here eh.
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> on 6/6/06 4:04 AM, TurquoiseB at [EMAIL PROTECTED]s.com wrote:
> > T'would seem, from some of today's traffic, as if
> > the "New Improved Yahoo! Groups" software allows
> > cross-posting by non-members. If so, that's IMO
> > a classically Bad Thing. As list moderator, you
> > might want to send them an email asking what's up.
> > Just a suggestion...
> >
> Dick may have posted the same message to several groups, but
> he¹s a ³real² person who will engage in discussion if there¹s
> interest. He¹s been a member here and in another (now inactive)
> group I manage, and IMO is a good fellow. He¹s feisty and
> colorful and can be quite argumentative, but we can handle
> that, eh?

Rick, lemme get this straight. Folks posting canned content, like Dick
is doing, is ok as long as it's a person who actually participates on
the forum? 'Cuz, other than responding on the list, he doesn't strike
me as any different than the Christian and Muslim spammers that were
attempting to post to FFL recently.


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