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A friend who is on the test team for  MS internet explorer says the

reason it has not been added sooner to MSIE was because MS's emphasis

is on a "standards compliant" browser rather than one with lots of

bells and whistles, therefore MSIE will always be more conservative

compared to what's out there.

Gotta chuckle at your friend's naivete. IE has

long been known as the *least* standards-compliant

browser on the market. Microsoft seems to believe

that if they do it, that constitutes a 'standard.'

All I know is when something doesn't work in Firefox, which  

occasionally happens, if I go to MSIE, it always has worked.

Not sure why, it may be it handles *badly* written code better

and Firefox is too standards compliant. 

I think the problem is that a lot of websites are created using

Microsoft FrontPage, which creates proprietary, standards

non-compliant HTML that will only display correctly in IE.

That's interesting, I always wondered what the issue might be. Of course one of the annoying characteristics of the type of code put out by these programs is that it often seems large, bloated--not concise at all. Next time the problems comes up, I'll look at source code to see.

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