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> > In a message dated 6/8/06 3:42:14 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
> > babajii_99@ writes:
> > 
> > Why the  hell, would they buy a TM palace in the middle of 
> in 
> > Kansas of  all places: the most boring place in the world; where 
> the 
> > only thing they  talk about is how the wind is blowing, today...
> > Really dumb, if you ask me;  
> > How about Ann Arbor or a cool place like that, with some foxy 
> > at  least...
> > What the hell are we doing in Kansas, could someone please 
> > this to me;
> > I just don't get it...
> > They still burn witches at the  stake there, are you kiddding?
> > Give me a  break...
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > Ahemmmm, You don't get it? Geographic center of the 48 states  is 
> the key 
> > here. The logic is, waves of coherence will be generated from 
> location and 
> > like a pebble dropped into water, the coherence will spread 
> outward  equally. 
> > Until it is proven, it's a matter of faith. I also would imagine 
> the  fact 
> > that there is not much to do would also help keep residents on 
> program.
> >
> Yes, I know this sounds good in theory;
> But how does it feel, like in your heart.
> Does anyone really desire to be in Kansas.

Everybody gotta be *somewhere*.

> This isn't 1939, when the 'Wizard of Oz' was filmed.
> Sure you can sing 'Somewhere over the rainbow',
> Anywhere you wish;
> Even the Grand Canyon, would seem better to me...
> There's an Indian Tribe, that lives in the deep canyan there;
> That would certainly get media attention.
> I guess some would say, any media attention is good.
> But negative media attention about a TM palace in the middle of 
> nowhere- seems like a 'flop' story line to me.
> Time will tell..
> But, still I can't see the point.

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