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> > Also  read an interesting statistic that among the named
> > terrorist groups in  Iraq, Al Zarqawi's bunch was responsible for 
> > just 14% of deaths attributed  to such groups.
> > 
> > Wow! Now I would like to know where that statistic comes from.  
> > Do they interview members of each group and take body counts and 
> > post them  somewhere? Or maybe each group leaves a calling card 
> > on each victim which is collected by the police so they can keep  
> > score.
> As much as I'd like to just make stuff up like the Bush 
> Adminstration and their lackeys do, you can read this for yourself 
> at:
> http://tinyurl.com/kk3qp
> This comes from a publication called The Global Terrorism Analysis, 
> who's editor comes from the Jane's Information Group, the 'ultimate 
> source on defence, geopolitics, transport, and police.' I'm sure 
> you've heard of them.
> Anyway, the statistic quoted begins in paragraph 7 of the 
> article, "Al-Zarqawi's Rise to Power: Analyzing Tactics and 
> Targets", on the url shown above.

Jim, it doesn't look to me as though this article
says 14% of deaths were due to Zarqawi's attacks;
looks to me like it's 70%.  The 14% figure is the
percentage of the Iraqi resistance made up of 
Zarqawi's people--the point being that while his
group is relatively small, it's been *very*
effective at killing people:

"Table 1 and Chart 1 (see below) provide several indications: Zarqawi 
and his faction constitute only 14% of the total Iraqi resistance, 
which clearly indicates that the network's size is limited and the 
international media is largely responsible for exaggerating their 
role. In addition, Zarqawi's tactics are dramatic as his faction 
routinely resorts to suicide attacks. Suicide bombings by the Zarqawi 
network, which make up 42.2% total suicide attacks in Iraq, have many 
advantages, the most important of which are low cost, lack of need 
for escape plans and media coverage. The percentage of suicide 
attacks perpetrated by Zarqawi's faction to the overall number of 
victims of other operations is 70% dead and 83.7% injured (see table 
2). The high rate of victims apparently proves the effectiveness of 
the terrorist act (table 2 indicates that civilian victims of this 
tactic are as high as 80%) and achieves a large media coverage."

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