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> In a message dated 6/8/06 7:13:56 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
> Right  you are. Oops- I'm acting like the Bushies! Yipes! Anyway, the 
> point I was  making was that this guy's death is not going to alter 
> the war in Iraq one  way or another. More bait and switch from the 
> Bushies. Their lies exhaust  me. 
> I don't know what interviews you have listened to today Jim  but what I've 
> heard is not to expect any significant decrease, if anything  expect an 
> increase 
> for awhile. The good news I gather is that they now have  Iraqis *snitching* 
> on terrorists and are gathering a lot of intel. within Al  Qaeda and Al Qaeda 
> may be splitting and there looks like there is in  fighting.

"Twas someone from inside the Inner Circle who snitched apparently. Unlike OBL 
and the 
Wahabis, the Iraqi branch of the AL Qaeda network apparently isn't quite so 
dedicated to 
the cause. Traditionally, Iraqis have been far less suicidal than OBL's normal 
crew. One 
wonders how many home-grown suicide bombers there are in Iraq, rather than 

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