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> > That teaching seems to evolved to: if your  teaching is not
> > welcomed, dust off your shoes and park yourself in  their
> > living room until they leave.
> The impression I get is  that the purpose of the Kansas facility is for
> a small group of Sidhas to  radiate woowoo rays equally to the entire
> US population. I'd wager that  there will be minimal interaction
> between the TMO and the Kansas locals if  that facility is built. 
> As for the point you raise, I don't think it's  accurate. Fairfield
> certainly has no shortage of churches, so it's really  not valid to
> portray the TMO as digging in until others leave;  obviously
> Fairfield's Christian congregations *haven't* left. Hell, the  anti-Roo
> Christian ministry is prominently located right on Burlington  Ave., a
> block from the square!
> Well, you know the TMO people that move in there will also  have to get 
> involved in the local politics as they did in Fairfield. Smith  Center seems 
> to be 
> a much smaller town than Fairfield and it sounds like to me  the TMO people 
> will have a stronger impact politically which may or may not have  an effect 
> on 
> their welcome. Time will tell.

Sigh, revisionist history is so interesting to watch. The current mayor of 
Fairfield practices 
TM and the TM-Sidhis. He replaced a guy who was mayor of Fairfield for about 20 
years AFTER MIU arrived on the scene.

If you want an example of contrived interference in local politics by a  
organization, you look at Antelope, Oregon, AKA Rancho Rajneesh, NOT Fairfield, 

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