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> St. Germaine's Message  for June 11th...
> Keep the light on inside your heart, for this message comes to you for
> your growth as a light worker. Keeping at bay the darkness is a task
> each of you must take seriously as you depart old ways on Earth.
> Blessing all you have is a start to keep darkness from permeating the
> Light in your homes, other dwellings, offices or places of work,
> vehicles and other spaces of your choosing. Where do you frequent?
> Are you still afraid to go into any of those places? Are you afraid
> of someone or other hurting you psychically or physically there? Then
> you have cast your shadow of doubt or fear and projected the same onto
> those places.
> Try this instead. See the Triple Violet Flame near and in those
> places. Keep all spirits of unkindness from your dwellings, etc, by
> imagining the cool flame of violet color purging and clarifying those
> spirits from inside and being balanced as they were not before your
> vision. It assumes you wish to be purged yourself of all untoward
> thoughts of judgment and other unkindness. Pleasant thoughts
> accompany such a vision, and your Infinite Wisdom will grant you
> immunity from fear and its consequences with the Violet Flame.
> The transmutation of darkness to loving Light is a constant if you
> practice this simple vision. Take my hand as I explain the difference
> between darkness and Light. The former is not of the Light, and as
> such it takes energy from you to infuse the Light where it was not.
> As your intention drives Light into a space from which you viewed
> darkness (or otherwise sensed it) the darkness does not escape into
> thin air, so to speak. It is transformed into the Light of your
> intention. Keeping the Light on in your heart space will take the
> darkness to new heights of loving glory where it resides as Light
> forever. This you do with the intention of Love.
> Being in darkness for a while has strengthened you as an individual
> who is part of the Heavenly Whole. Your strength is called upon as
> you ask for the Violet Flame to be present in any circumstance. Its
> power is then used for telling the dark that it is no longer needed
> for your learning, and you take command of lessening the darkness on
> the planet for others to follow your example. Richness of Light
> ensues, and your space or dwelling is for a time blessed with total
> Light until you invade the space with chosen thoughts of darkness.
> Upon reentering your space, simply call upon the Violet Flame to
> transform the darkness to Light each time, until this becomes a habit.
> It pleases me to be of help to you on this matter.
> As told by kings and prophets, the Violet Flame is a balancing device
> of great power. It is the combination of the Great Blue Flame of the
> Father, and the Pink Crystalline Light of the Mother, which together
> makes the Violet Flame one of perfect balance. The off-balance nature
> of darkness is then balanced perfectly, rendering it powerless in the
> Light, and taking it to its rightful destination in the heavens.
> Blessing the dwellings has the power to change the internal structure
> of the walls, ceiling and floors. Take the moment to speak its name
> and the Violet Flame leaps to its duty to guard you with its immense
> power. It is yours to use anytime day or night, and command its
> friendship in any situation of fear. Please avail yourself of this
> monumental gesture of kindness from the Universe to your for your
> living well on the planet. Amen, and so it is. I AM ST. Germaine of
> the Violet Flame Brotherhood. All is well.
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