--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "curtisdeltablues" 
> If you don't mind me asking...do these states include performance 
> siddhis as MMY claims?

This would be a lot easier to answer if you could provide the exact 
quote about this from Maharishi.

The thing about a lot of what Maharishi says, it is has been poorly 
interpreted by those around him. Some of it is also open to multiple 

Regarding my personal experience, I had very good results with the 
Sidhis, especially with regard to sight, and flying, as I recall. I 
no longer practice the sutras, but I did gain the ability for 
example when necessary to see into my or other bodies, watching 
muscles, connective tissue, bones, blood flow, energy patterns, etc.

What I have come to realize with regard to Sidhis, special 
abilities, is that once we have developed such things, we can most 
effectively use them when there is a need.

For example, my fiance and I were roller skating about three months 
ago. She fell badly and fractured her tailbone. She was lying down 
in a great deal of pain before we left the rink. I naturally became 
aware of a lot of blocked, blackish-green energy near the base of 
her spine. Also the many tears in her muscles and large amount of 
blood plasma beneath the skin. By working at that level, I was able 
to create a situation where she was much improved, though still in a 
lot of pain when we reached the emergency room. She was not aware of 
what I was doing prior to that because we weren't speaking. But 
later, without me sharing any details of what I had done she 
described it to me, and her description was accurate.

The point being here, is that Sidhis are like any other ability 
living things develop- we learn to walk, to talk, and if fortunate, 
to do Sidhis. But all of this when necessary; we don't try to walk 
while in bed, or talk when swimming underwater, or do Sidhis just 
because we can. (Of course we can do all of those things if we want 
to, but it is a waste of time...).

Does that answer your question? 

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