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I think it's clear that by raising the price of instruction, MMY

wants the rate of initiations to be low (to avoid creating "fear 


havoc" on an ignorant planet:

http://geocities.com/bbrigante/retards.html#light ).

TM teachers who go off on their own, lacking the resources of the

TMO, could not possibly teach enough people to derail this 


of slow growth of consciousness on the earth, so MMY said that he

did not mind if TM teachers went off on their own, teaching TM 


some other name. The TMO is not suing TM teachers who are off on

their own, as long as they do not infringe on the TM trademark

(several TM teachers are now teaching what they are calling

the "Transcendental Stress Management Program").

I¹m pretty sure that more people are being taught TM these days by

independent teachers than by official ones.


That's unlikely, but even if true, we're still not talking about a 

large number of initiations.

Unless of course you consider SSRS, a TM lineage holder, *independent*, then independent TM line inits. are way, way up.

Anyone know the stats on how many SSRS and his teachers are initiating? It's probably staggering, because I get the impression he is initiating a lot in India in addition to the rest of the world.

Is it possible *SSRS is who M. was referring to in his press conference comments?* Maybe it was a loving nod to one of his dearest students, SSRS?

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