I expect to go through hell.
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> > Ah, super, I hoeever will be only able to attend this
> > retreat below:
> August 4-5th Madison WI
> 1st Annual Younge Dorje Drollo "Drub-chod"
> Friday 6-9pm Initiation to the Dorje Drollo Mandala/ Tsog feast
> Saturday and Sunday 9am - 12pm / 1pm- 5pm Recitation and ritual
>   activities of the Drollo Mandala
> Location: Quarry Arts Building Room 150
> (East of Whole Foods) at 715 Hill St.
> Rinpoche has asked the sangha to do a yearly short, but
> intensive Dorje Drollo Drub Chod. He strongly encourages
> all RSL sanghas throughout the world to join in the practice
> and tsog on this important day, dedicating the merit to all
> sentient beings and to world peace.
> A Drub Chod is a structured event over several days consisting
> of the Empowerment, instruction and practice of the sadhana.
> This gives students a chance to work on accumulation and
> meditation in Rinpoche's presence, receiving added blessings
> and guidance
> August 4th is the most auspicious day on the calendar as it
> marks the Anniversary of Padmasambhava's manifestation as
> Dorje Drollo to subdue all harmful corrupters of the Dharma.
> Therefore please make an effort to arrive the Friday evening
> of the event, which will continue through Saturday and Sunday
> Dorje Drollo is the main Heruka deity for the RSL sangha, having
> a direct connection to Rinpoche's Younge lineage of which he is
> the family lineage holder. The Terton who revealed this text is
> Younge Migyur Dorje and it is the most widely used Dorje Drollo
> practice in Tibet. In this uncommon version, Dorje Drollo is
> visualized in union with Sengdong-ma and protected by Mahakala.
> One must have Buddhist Refuge to participate, understand and
> accept the Tsog feast, and be clear about Samaya within the
> Vajrayana.

Cool. Sounds like a neat event. So do you have expectations
about it? Not expectations in the bad sense :-)...I'm just
wondering what you are looking forward to.

It's a nice inviation. Those who are not used to the
way that Tibetan traditions do these things may find
it a bit odd. Speaking to the group as a whole, if
you do, and have things to say about this invitation,
I for one would love to hear them. You're an interesting
and educated group of seekers, and it would be fascinating
to hear how you react to this style of presentation.

I was struck by its simple, unassuming honesty. It just
lays out what the event is about, and assumes a certain
level of shared belief, and proficiency in that shared
belief, in the audience to whom it is addressed.

I particularly like the list of prerequisites for the
retreat -- that is a masterpiece of understatement and
respect for one's peers. If you've been around the
Tibetan Buddhist block, you nod your head and say,
"Cool...sounds like it will be a nice group of people
attending." If you haven't, you realize that you have
more to learn. Nice gesture either way.

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