While I have no real qualms with SSRS himself, his organization, at least when I was involved (which was only for a little over a year in the 90s), almost made the TMO look good--and that ain't easy. On the first course I took, without telling us before hand, they made the announcement at the first meeting that we would all be on a fruit diet, for the entire course--6 days. Not only was that a dirty trick (IMO of course--perhaps others liked it) but couldn't that possibly affect someone's health, if they were diabetic, or had digestive problems? To make matters worse, I and a number of others were housed in the building adjacent to his...with the lovely smell of delicious Indian food wafting over 3 times daily. Try fasting with **that** happening. Anyway, of course we cheated--why not, he was--and went into town where I and a few others had at least a couple of decent meals. But we sure didn't appreciate having to shell out yet more $$ after having paid for room and board for the course...the worst part being, IMO, that nobody had bothered to tell us beforehand--a deliberate omission, because they were afraid nobody would come otherwise? Who knows. Then there were the meetings themselves, at which any number of people would be fighting with each other--literally--to sit as close to the front as possible.

The second course, the one in Pittsburgh, was another classic "Oops, they did it again..." scenario. This one was so bad it would make a great plot for a movie where nothing goes right. It wasn't enough that they put all of us into smoking rooms--so when you turned on the heat (it was February) you got blasted with enough cigarette smoke to choke an elephant--they then pulled Trick #2. Into tiny rooms in which we barely had enough space to walk, those of us on the long part of the course (6 days) then had to share whatever microscopic amount of free space was left with the 2-day course participants--I doubt they knew that was going to happen, and I know we didn't. Add to that that there were a couple of TM vagrants who hadn't registered and were staying at the hotel illegally, seriously ticking off the management, and you have the makings for, possibly, the Worst Course Ever.

I have no idea how much of all of this SSRS knew about, but it was his organization and he does bear some of the responsibility. On a personal level, I felt he was much warmer and more approachable than MMY. But after those two disasters, I pretty much gave up on all of them.


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