Tks for asking about the talk.
I spoke off the cuff, so there is not a typed presentation to provide you.

There is no transcript.  I don't know if ICSA will post a transcript.  If my 
talk is transcribed, 
I'd be happy to post it.  I'm not on an anti-TM vendeta.   For legal reasons, 
they told me I 
didn't have to have it taped.  I said that "yes, I do want to be taped", for 
the benefit of my 
own now-grown children (born in FF), and also for other TM-kids coming along 
who might 
want it.

I'm concerned for children who've grown up normalizing TM casualties around 
them, and 
their anxiety of entering the "Ignorance" of the world.  

Yes, am aware that life in FF has changed over the years.  However, I didn't go 
into that, as 
I don't live in FF now and we had limited time.  I only discussed my 
experience, nothing 
more and nothing less.

 In the hallway, prior to speaking, I was warned about litigiousness and to 'be 
This was NOT planned with Patrick Ryan.  I'd never had contact with Pat, nor 
with TM-Ex.
I met Pat the same day of the presentation.  He was in the room with me.  We 
did not plan 
nor coordinate what we discussed.  Pat Ryan did not coach me.

I spoke with love for my TM family who raised me.  I spoke about concern for 
indulgence in neurochemicals.  In my experience, I compared to TM to alcohol.. 
a glass of 
red wine daily may have health benefits.  However, two bottles daily can 
interfere with 
conducting a functional life.  I did not address Vedic teachings nor 
philosophy; I'm not 
qualified for that.

There were some other TM kids, in their early thirties, present in the room.  
They told me 
afterwards that they had similar experiences and that hearing my story helped 
them to 

My scattered notes would be useless to anyone else, as I did not discuss the 
TMO.  I spoke 
abour personal memories.  After 20 years of personal silence, it was a surprise 
that others 
wanted to hear abour the first 30 years of my life.  ICSA asked me to come. I 
did not seek 
this oout.
 If it helps other young 'uns coming up (now in their 20's and early 30's), 
then so be it.

Biggest surprise for me, after my talk, I learned that my story is nearly 
identical to that of a 
woman who was the first 'Blessed Child" of the moonies.  I suppose any group 
through growing pains.

Again, if a transcript becomes available, I'd be happy to post it.

Best to all.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "shempmcgurk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'd love to see the video you refer to below.
> In lieu of that, any possibility that you could post a transcript of 
> your talk or any notes you had for it?

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