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<snip>He later warns you will never attain CC/jivan-
> mukti if you practice samyama: 
> "In this way he (the samyama yogi) falls away from the attainment 
> the goal of life (CC)." 
> Then he repeats Patanjali for a second time: 
> "These are obstacles to samadhi; they are powers in the worldly 
> state." 
> He continues with even more warnings.
> http://tinyurl.com/cx4ff
Yeah, it is a misintepretation of what these writers are saying, 
that the sutras exert a powerful influence over our perception and 
abilities, and not to get lost in this powerful influence, or maya. 

I think this is why TM is included as part of the practice of the 
sidhis, because this ensures that the continued 'fast' experience of 
transcending to Pure Conciousness [with TM] 'purifies' the practice 
of the sidhis, keeping the mind focused on the end goal, and helping 
to avoid getting lost in the sidhis practice.

No question the sidhis are very very powerful. One of their most 
useful aspects is the use of this power to increase perception so 
that we can more easily see Reality in everyday activity, and by so 
doing discriminate it from falseness. The 'side effect' though, is 
that this practice completely destroys the grip of the limited self 
on our awareness.

So rather than understanding the sidhis as an impediment to 
liberation, when practiced as the TM-Sidhis program, they are a 
massive accelerator towards liberation.

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