The first US Official Expert on marijuana testified in court, under
oath, that marijuana could make your incisors grow six inches long and
drip with blood. He went on to say that when he tried it, it turned
him into a bat.

Marijuana was outlawed for two reasons. In the southwestern states, it
was outlawed because "All Mexicans are crazy and marijuana is what
makes them crazy." In the northeastern states, it was outlawed because
of the fear that heroin addiction would lead to the use of marijuana -
exactly the opposite of the modern "gateway" myth. When it was
outlawed at the national level, the head of the Federal Bureau of
Narcotics stated that marijuana drove people insane. As proof, he
offered the example of a young couple who smoked a joint and became so
crazed that they eloped and got married.

In the US, opium smoking was originally outlawed because of the fear
that Chinese men were luring white women to have sex in opium dens. At
the same time, they outlawed the Chinese custom of wearing one's hair
in pigtails.

Cocaine was outlawed largely because of fears that superhuman Negro
Cocaine Fiends would go on a violent rampage and rape white women and
shoot white men. It was believed that cocaine made them better
marksmen and made them impervious to bullets.

Police departments across the US switched to larger caliber pistols in
fear of the Negro Cocaine Fiends.

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