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Interestingly, as Vaj alluded to, Maharishi has

taught a few techniques that involve thoughts

of planetary bodies, individually and in clusters.

I've never really understood why. My experiences

are not so vivid as to reveal the import of these

techniques. I suspect, however, that it has

something to do with tying one's individual

awareness to the bigger picture, as a jyotish

consultation does. Perhaps someone here can


IMO it has to do with the training the expansion of consciousness 


then identifying increasing aspects of wholeness with the 


moving in the direction of the infinite,--with "galactic  

consciousness" being identified with the future-consciousness of 


satya-yuga. But that future is now. As more and more people can 


to cultivate this style of identification, the quicker would be 


yuga for the individual and for collective sentience. On an  

experiential level this might be experienced as a galactic soma 


you will) which raises the microcosm to the level of satya-yuga 


we are all essentially one and in the process perception is 


It helps when you imbibe the rasayana of galactic soma. This also  

helps train consciousness in several paradoxes which shatter 


perceptual habits and help engender higher states of consciousness  

(e.g. maintaining great expansion while at the same time being the  


You do realize that "galactic" is severely limited

in terms of the physical universe--a tiny, insignificant

fragment, right?

If I were looking to convey expansion to wholeness,

I'd call it "cosmic soma."

Without blatantly needing a spoiler for the technique, I'd say it'd best be described as the junction point between clusters of galaxies and the absolute (while at the same time holding the relative within awareness). It really has to do with the experiential expansion and what this does to limited conceptions we tend to maintain about our bodies rather than specific intellectual ideas about the physical universe. Cultivation of this paradox is necessary to not only establish the central channel, but also to allow soma to flow there.

 The word galactic is better because of the word "galaxy"  and it's derivation from of the Greek word for "milk" which also has allusions to the Vedic analogy of grass -> milk -> butter -> ghee (and numerous other poetic metaphors in Rig Veda for the refinement of perception). Also has to do experientially with the processes that occur in the crown chakra which I might simply call "Mother's milk".


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