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There is a big difference in how many were here then

and now.  But how many 

centers have you been in, in which you saw any

Indian immigrants  donating time 

or getting initiated. It wasn't because they weren't

out there,  they were.

The only center I spent any appreciable amount of time

in was Cambridge. I never saw many Indians there, just

a few who came for group program on occasion and a few

who were brought in to be staff for the short-lived

MVU school that was around maybe twelve years ago. The

MVU cook was sent back to India after he slapped a

lady governor cook in the kitchen, by the way. But the

Cambridge center closed in July 1998, and a lot of

young Indians came to this area after July 1998 to

fulfill the US's legacy of being the first country in

history to sell out its own labor force, and they

might have been interested in being active with a

dynamic TM center. There's no way to know, but I think

there would have been a higher participation of

Indians in TM had the movement been as interesting to

be a part of as it was in the 70s and 80s.

While you may feel uncomfortable about walking into

an AOL center or  lecture 

of some sort, try it and see what you see. I think

you would be  surprised. 

It's mostly Indians.

I would not feel at all uncomfortable walking into an

AOL center, but I am quite content with what I have

now, which is VortexHealing, a shamanic technique, and

two darshans a year when Ammachi comes to Boston in

July. That's my sadhana these days, and I have no

interest at all in doing techniques from India. Been

there, done that, and gone on to much more powerful


Did you update your TM sadhana via Amma (e.g. did you have her transmit your own devata to what your TM ishta was?). Just curious how many others have done this.

(I understand if this is too personal to answer online).

I mention this because many have done this, not just myself (continued with their TM devata thru further means) and many others may be interested in your shared comments! GD always wanted to know what was the cosmic love in the hearts of those he gave mantra to, so this is IMO really relevant and a natural progression for some TM practitioners. After all, it's all about love.



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