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> > Indians in large numbers attending. The difference
> > in Indian involvement in
> > AOL and the TMO is like night and day in the United
> > States.
> But how many indians were in the US back in the 70s
> when TM was popular compared to how many are in the US
> now when AOL is popular? Big, big difference.
> There is a big difference in how many were here then and now. But
how many
> centers have you been in, in which you saw any Indian immigrants
donating time
> or getting initiated. It wasn't because they weren't out there,
they were.
> While you may feel uncomfortable about walking into an AOL center
or lecture
> of some sort, try it and see what you see. I think you would be
> It's mostly Indians>>

Wow, how sad, the US Indians are the only ones interested. Seems
like AOL is dead in the water.


No, because there are still more people going to them, even of different ethnic identities, than there are coming to the TMO. AOL is expanding not shrinking.

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