--- authfriend wrote:
> --- Gillam wrote:
> >
> > --- authfriend wrote:
> > >
> > > --- Rick  wrote:
> > > >
> > > > If ever the topic of women or sex came up, he would feign 
> > > > ignorance, and would encourage single guys to be celibate, 
> > > > like him.
> > > 
> > > And you see this as hypocrisy?
> > 
> > (Butting in) Looks that way to me. How would you 
> > interpret it, Judy? Genuinely curious. I'm not good 
> > at this sort of perception.
> Well, I wasn't there, obviously.  But what the
> hell else could he say under the circumstances
> if he really thought the guys he was speaking to
> ought to be celibate for the sake of their
> evolution?
> I'm not condoning his illicit sexual behavior,
> given his position, but I'm not sure "hypocrisy"
> is the right term for what he told the guys.

I see the nuance, and his conundrum. 

Given the lame nature of his relationships - 
maybe 30 minutes of nooky time at the end 
of the work day now and again - he probably 
didn't perceive himself as being in a relationship. 
I'm not trying to rationalize his behavior. I'm 
just assuming he was able to rationalize it himself.

I had a spell some years ago when I enjoyed a 
cigar or two on the weekend. After about six 
months of this, I was looking at an insurance 
form that asked, "Have you used any tobacco 
products in the past six months?" If so, I had 
to pay the smoker's rate for insurance. At that 
point I realized, "Oh my God. I'm a smoker." 
Before that, I never thought of myself as a smoker. 
It wasn't part of my identity. I was just enjoying 
a cigar or two on the weekend. 

Maybe Maharishi had the same delusion I did.
Just as I thought I was essentially a non-smoker 
even as I puffed away at my La Unicas, he was 
able to think he was celibate when he dallying
with his gopis.

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