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> And some  countries,India and
> China for example, may not wish to pay the price  premium for this
> newer technology, even for new plants.  
> Mexico also. I had family living in El Paso in the 80's and  they
said the 
> pollution from Mexican coal burning plants in Juarez was  stifling.
Of course, in the 80's everything was dirty. This current relevant
question is whether new plants going on line NOW going to use the
available (and more costly) scrubbers and sequesters. 

And when energy is priced to reflect its full social and explicit
cost, high polluting existing plants will be retired early (too
expensive to pay for offsets) and new efficient low pollution ones
will be built in their place.

And Kyoto is a huge step in that direction. By both requiring
reductions to below 1990 levels, AND allowing trading of carbon
credits, it helps enable a market price for carbon. Which, next step,
can be directly incorporated into the price of gas, as and when oil
suppliers are required to pay for carbon offsets. Then we get three
great things:

1) carbon emissions are fixed at below 1990 levels

2) a market price is set for carbon and set into the ened-use price of
gas and all fuels

3) the above correct price signal will reduce consumption and promote
investment energy efficiency at all levels -- builidngs, homes,
industrial processses and transporetation. 

Why people are bashing Kyoto is almost incomprehensible -- other than
they know little of what they speak.

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