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> wrote:
> >   Perhaps the Donald?
> >   Maybe so, but this is a State in big trouble.
> >   A gay governor cruising the highway, is not a good image;
> >   Especially in this time of war, 
> What the bleep are you talking about?  The "gay
> governor" was doing a fine job, except that he had
> the poor judgment to hire his lover for a government
> position.  He's now long gone because of that one slip;
> but what on earth did that have to do with its being
> a "time of war"?
> He had the guts to publicly come out of the closet
> in his resignation speech.
> The fine governor we have now, Jon Corzine, a Democrat,
> is fighting entrenched political interests in the state,
> trying to bring the budget under control.  He's had the
> guts to shut down the government rather than knuckle
> under to those interests.  Sooner or later, there will
> be some kind of compromise that the entrenched interests
> will have to accept; this is a battle that has to be
> fought.
> >   A former governor, 
> >   Christy Whitman:
> A Republican.
> >   Turns against the President on environmental issues:
> Who was appointed to head the EPA by Bush.
> >   That is truly irony at it's finest.
> Yes, *she* is belatedly showing some guts.
> So that's three gutsy governors, two past, one present.
> New Jersey, despite its small size, is one of the most
> vital states in the Union (and one of the most beautiful
> once you get past the blighted areas).  There has been a
> great deal of corruption exactly because of New Jersey's
> vitality and the money to be made from it, but with
> Corzine in charge and various efforts across the state,
> we're fighting the good fight against it.

I could not agree with you more, Judy.  Corzine is smart ( he ran the show at 
Sachs before becoming governor) and compassionate.   He knows finance, and is 
the right thing in cloisng the government until the money issue is dealt with 
openly. I think  
if things unfold properly, he might be running for President in 8 years.

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