You make some good points.  We may be drawing the line of advertising
accuracy differently.  Since so few people see this kind of chart it
makes no real difference.

--- In, "jim_flanegin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- In, "curtisdeltablues" 
> <curtisdeltablues@> wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for posting the link.  I am really surprised that they are
> > continuing with this blatant lie!  Arrogance, pure and simple.  They
> > don't give people enough credit that they would know that this claim
> > is as physically impossible as humans flying in the air. It must be
> > discouraging for his current students to see that no attempt is being
> > made to be truthful in this absurd claim.  But practically speaking,
> > no one will ever see this other than people who have already bought
> > in, so accuracy is a moot point.
> Hi, I can appreciate your feelings regarding the misrepresentations of 
> the flying technique. But, after considering how I personally would 
> sell  it, I would probably end up doing the same thing, if it were 
> solely up to me, for a couple of reasons:
> 1. How could it be sold if potential consumers were told, "...well it 
> IS a flying technique, a sutra- I'll explain what that is shortly- but 
> the stress on the planet keeps us ordinary folks from doing much but 
> bouncing around. Except that the subjective experience is every bit as 
> transcendent as flying. You do feel weightless. Oh, and the point is 
> not to fly, but to serve as a washing machine so to speak for global 
> stress...Oh right, the sutra explanation: so there's this bubble 
> diagram..." No one, ever, would buy into THAT. Hence the alternative.
> 2. Reason number two is just pragmatic; the words 'false' 
> and 'advertising' go together. Whenever something is advertised, a 
> subset of its qualities are emphasized. In every case: house, car, 
> music, doctor, salad dressing, spa treatment. Its the game of the 
> name. So, how else does one advertise yogic flying? Absolutely deny 
> the method used, and you'd never buy anything again. 
> Is it right for Maharishi and the TMO to do such a thing? I don't 
> know, but I can see why they did, beyond seeing them as arrogant, 
> which is too easy an answer for me.

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