There is some evidence that increased brainwave coherence opens one up
to an intelligence field which is universal and contains all
experiences. Our own individual brain apparently only accesses
information that we have put into the field but the field contains
much more which is more accesable with a high degree of coherence. An
author who goes into the exact experiment which concluded this is
Ervin Laszlo who Ken wilber frequently quotes.

> Just spoke to Fred Travis (we're doing the animation project
piecemeal so I don't freak 
> out). On the topic of EEG and Yogic Flying, he says he did part of
his PhD research on the 
> subject and that he examined the EEG of athletic hopping and Yogic
Flying hopping during 
> the 6 seconds before someone actually started hopping about. In the
last  2 seconds, just 
> before the Yogic Fliers hopped (and you can't measure anything past
that point, he 
> agrees), EEG coherence in ALL parts of the brain in all frequencies
went way up. Regardless 
> of the ambiguities and inaccuracies of the
advertising/brochures/posters, the main point, 
> that practice of the Yogic Flying sutra induces high levels of EEG
coherence in all 
> frequencies in all parts of the brain, is accurate, according to
Fred's  research and the 
> other stuff that they've published. What this means is unclear,
though Fred agreed that the 
> TM-Sidhis program is meant to move one towards Unity.

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