--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Gimbel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I guess the right of free speech is lost in stages;

A harvard president is force to resign after asking if innate
differences between men and women might be one reason fewer women
succeed in science and math careers. 

"The government has, in essence, eliminated most free speech
protection in the workplace. Free speech, which is an economic good to
academics through which they make their living, has fared somewhat
better in the educational world. But political correctness (and
multiculturalism) threatens free speech in both the academic sphere
and the non-academic workplace and ultimately the very foundation of
North American society. "

"the Netherlands would become the first European country to ban the
wearing of the burka in public situations, although there are already
some local bans. Last year several Belgian towns, including Antwerp
and Ghent, banned the wearing of the burka in public, and recently
started issuing £100 spot fines for breaking the municipal ordinance.
Several towns in Italy, including Como, have invoked legislation
introduced by Mussolini that bans hiding one's face in public to
impose fines on burka-wearers. France and several regions of Germany
have followed Turkey and Tunisia in banning the wearing of the hijab,
which leaves the face visible, in public buildings, most
controversially in schools."

"On some campuses seeking higher standards of human accomplishments is
no longer valued as highly as politically correct thinking. Academic
freedom through free speech is accompanied by high social costs on
campuses where truth is viewed as nothing more than different
perspectives being offered by different groups in order to promote
their own interests. Education-imposed biases restrict students'
thinking when curricula are developed to be nonsexist, peace-centered,
anti-biased, and politically correct. "  

"some in the gay and lesbian community tried to get "Dr. Laura" off
television because of her views of same-sex relationships; civil
rights groups have challenged books like The Adventures of Huckleberry
Finn for it's use of the word "nigger," which they consider
inflammatory; Jewish groups have opposed as "anti-semitic" an exhibit
by a Palestinian artist, Islamic groups have protested certain
references to Arab Americans, and Catholic groups have tried to deny
government support for theater and art exhibits that they claim
contain "anti-Catholic" views."

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