--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>>These are very parallel phenomenon but they are not
> >> identical phenomenon. This similarity becomes even more apparent when
> >> you actually see the political parties and streams of thought Mahesh
> >> Varma is associated with in his native country. It is also helpful to
> >> understand the parallels (and differences) between Vedic Science and
> >> Creation Science. These *are* parallel movements.
> >
> > While not accepting your premise outright, lets assume it is true. How
> >  does that possibly make Spraig or Judy TM fundamentalists. Its a
> > non-sequitur supreme.
> I'm not one for living in the past, 

Nor one for responding to critiques of your gaping leaps of logic. 
Per above, again, how does some alleged parallel between fundamental
anc christian fundametnlism make Spraig or Judy TM fundamentalists.

> but often--indeed many times-- 
> these patterns have repeated themselves here and elsewhere. I could  
> make it a point to point these patterns out as they arise (which they  
> likely will again) if you are unable to do so yourself.

Oh, the white mans burden must bear heavily in your shoulders Vaj.
Taking on this huge responsibility to point out logical errors to me
-- and to all.  But when you are comitting such agregious logical
errors per above, no thanks, even though I will miss its increasingly
deep comic value. 

Again, per above, how does some alleged parallel between fundamental
and christian fundamentalism make Spraig or Judy TM fundamentalists.
Until you answer that (implied) assertion you made earlie, then 
thanks but no thanks, you are relieved  of your burden to point out 
"these patterns [that have] have repeated themselves here and elsewhere."

And I really don't need or value your personal interpretation of such
repeated patterns. Anyone on the list feel they need this? Perhaps Vaj
 can e-mail you privately each time he feels it happens.

> Perhaps we should also draw a line between "radical TM  
> fundamentalists" and just plain ole "TM fundamentalists" so as to not  
> miss the occaisional critical comments mentioned by the former and  
> occasionally the latter? But it's not worth the time IMO. I think you  
> are quite capable of understanding the distinction between the two.

My, condesention doesn't become you -- but it is revealing of your ego

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