--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yeah I was surprised that so many critics panned _Tales From  
> Topographic Oceans_ but at the same time there's probably not much 
> audience for a double-album where the fours sides are four songs 
> Rig Veda and the tantras. Pretty friggin' obscure. But it's still 
> of my all time favorite Yes albums. Despite the length of the 
> it's still a great casual listen and still inspiring. Sublime 
> Yes rehearsed near where I grew up and I got to watch them in  
> rehearsals from  _Going for the One_ up till Anderson, Bruford,  
> Wakeman and Howe. It was a great experience. Great band back then.
> I see you also mention King Crimson. If you haven't listened to 
> of the new Crim, from _Discipline_ and onwards, the new Crim is  
> definitely worth a listen. Adrian Belew of Frank Zappa and 
> Heads fame is on lead vocal and guitar. This new version of Crim 
> inspired by the rhythmic counterpoint of Indonesian Gamelan  
> orchestras where entire villages would sometime jam on these 
> instruments essentially tuned to one big open chord. I recommend  
> _Discipline_, _Beat_ and _The Construcktion of Light_ as a 
> point of the new KC. It's wild. If you like I can post some video 
> have. Also Adrian Belew's first band, The Bears _Rise and Shine_ 
is a  
> classic as well as _The Acoustic Adrian Belew_. You'd probably 
> like the _California Guitar Trio_. Ever hear Beethoven's Fifth on  
> guitar?
> Thanks for recommending Sufjan Stevens, his name keeps coming up 
so I  
> got Illinoise today. It's great, thanks!
> -Vaj
and thanks for the tip on the new King Crimson-- always really liked 
them- bought 'in the court of the crimson king' recently because I 
liked it so much when originally released. Sounds like a great 
experience seeing Yes, also one of my favorite bands back then- 
really liked the album art. ...and Procol Harum too, though they 
just sort of faded away, except for Robin Trower who did a couple 
albums in the 80's I think...

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