I once practiced the original, non-VooDoo TM, that is, until the 
movement started to make claims of levitation, invisibility, etc. At 
that moment, I began to question what I was involved with, and for 
the first time, think critically about it. I retreated as hastily as 
I could.

In the decades since then, the TMO has paraded out wealthy rajas in 
gold crowns, advanced astrology as legitimate science, charged huge 
bucks for pandits to chant yagyas to "avert the danger that has not 
come," dictated that home and office must have east or north 
entrances, claims of lowering crime rates,and much more hoo-hah, 
while all the time claiming that practioners are "flying."

Where are the critical thinkers? Certainly not in the TM movement.

The meditation was nice, but we were sold a bill of goods, and I'm 
so glad that I did not buy into the program.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "shempmcgurk" 
> I practise the TM Program.  That is the practise of the TM 
> as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for 15-20 minutes twice a day 
> balanced by activity during the rest of the waking state.  And the 
> instructions for this activity is very specific: action according 
> the TM Program is acting according to your own tradition, your own 
> culture, your own way of life, with everything that you want to 
> using your own common sense.
> Voodoo TM is something else entirely.  It is what I suspect over 
> of those involved fulltime with the TMO practise.  Voodoo TM is 
> practise of the TM Technique as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 
> 15-20 minutes twice a day balanced by a very separate and 
> distinctive activity during the rest of the waking state from the 
> activity performed by those who practise the TM Program.
> And the daily activity of those who practise Voodoo TM is, 
> specifically, a Guru-dictated, Bhakti-based blind belief system 
> performed within the orbit of a cult.  What to eat, how to dress, 
> what kind of home to live in, what kind of candy bars and honey to 
> eat, what political views to hold.
> This is a cult-based activity. It is in direct opposition to and 
> completely different from the instructions for the TM Program.
> Which path are YOU on?

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