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> > On Jul 15, 2006, at 2:09 PM, new.morning wrote:
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> http://www.psychosomaticmedicine.org/cgi/content/abstract/46/4/347
> > >> This study attempted to follow up this finding and
> > >> hypothesized that a group of neurotically disturbed patients
> > >> would have a higher S value and a group of individuals who 
> > >> practiced a calming technique such as transcendental 
> > >> (TM) would have a lower S value than normal subjects. The 
> > >> hypothesis was confirmed, but not the first, in that the 
> > >> neurotically disturbed patients had the lowest mean values 
for S 
> > >> of the three groups, rather than the highest.
> > >
> > > TM makes one more neurotically disturbed?
> > >
> > > Well this list may be living proof. :)
> > 
> > Sad but interesting.
> Interesting, but not, of course, the least bit sad.
> Too bad, Vaj.
> The results did not show that "TM makes one more
> neurotically disturbed."  Rather, it showed that
> depressed patients have a different response to CO2
> than was hypothesized on the basis of previous
> studies. (Note that the TMers' response was in
> accord with the hypothesis.)
> And especially not sad if you bother to read the
> rest of the abstract:>>

These guys are blind fantatic anti-TM fundamnentalists. They post a 
study, withoout reading it, that they think negates TM, but in fact 
is positive about TM. Then they post an study that shows that SSRS 
technique is "inferior to electroconvulsive therapy" and is no 
better than a placebo, and think this is a positive report. 

This is what disturbs me the most about SSRS people. They appear to 
blind fanatic fundamentalists with no published science to back up 
their wild claims.

And it REALLY gets their goat....when I say: Hundreds of studies 
published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, positive effects 
replicated time and time again, in double-blind studies. (which in  
their poor understanding they do not realise that this is designed 
to negate researcher bias. They think double-blind study 
means "telling the researcher be quite and telling the subjects 
to "shhh"

Lol, what a bunch of fundamentalist fanatics. They sound dangerous 
to me though. They tell people that SSRS got a degree in advanced 
physics at 17, when in fact he doesn't have any degree at all. Scary 


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