seems to me, that the Chinese are turning a 'blind eye';
Towards Israel, and the whole Iranian thing;
Perhaps because of the long term interest;
Not so much in Iranian oil;
But in the vast reserves of Uranium that Iran processes;
And now that the Chinese have modernized their nuclear electricity producing facilities;
Then they will agree with Iran to replenish their nuclear needs with Iran's Uranium...
So, I don't think the Chinese care too much happens to Israel;
As far as a nuclear exchange;
Perhaps because of the bombing of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki;
To end WWII;
Perhaps they feel, that the yellow man got ashed.
So, perhaps now, it's the white man's turn...
Who really knows the value of China's ethics at this point.
Are they communist or are they capitalist;s or both;
The worse of both.
Like a kind of godless attitude;
Just based on profit, and continuation of political power;
Not much different in the US.
R.Gimbel  Madison,WI

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