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> Spair,  Syria and Iran have had strong ties for decades now and Syria has 
> >  been a strong backer of Hezbollah since they invaded  Lebanon.
> >
> "Client state" has a special meaning. Ally is not the  same as "client state."
> Israel is a client-state of the US, more or  less. Iraq and Iran were client 
> states of the USSR, 
> as was Cuba. Lebanon  may be someone's client state these days, but I doubt 
> if Syira and 
> Iran  have that kind of relationship. Only Fox News commentators seem to use 
> the  term in 
> that context.
> I'm not referring to client states. Syria actually controlled  Lebanon for 
> many years. The Syrian army was there to enforce law and  keep the peace 
> because 
> in effect there was no democratically elected Lebanese  government up until 
> recently. Syria, all these years gave Hezbollah virtually  free reign in 
> Lebanon and left them in charge of southern Lebanon and other  parts when  
> they had 
> to pack up and leave. Hezbollah has offices in  Damacus. The link between 
> Iran, Syria and Hezbollah is very strong. And Iraq  used to be a link in that 
> chain that was on that pit bull, Hezbollah, as  well.

I was referring to the quote that claimed that Syria was a client state of 
Iran. I've heard it 
said on Fox New. It's a silly claim, as far as I can tell. I have no problems 
with what you say 

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