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Vaj wrote:

On Jul 17, 2006, at 6:21 AM, Robert Gimbel wrote:

A number of 'pundits' including Newt Gingrinch, have said that this

escalation in Israel, is the beginning of WWIII.

What do people think of this analysis?


There was a famous high Lama from Tibet here in the US on Sept. 11,  

2001. They just happened to have the TV on when the planes hit the  

world trade buildings and he commented then "This is the beginning of  

WW 3". His students immediately asked him to not say any more,  

because being omniscient, what he said always came true.

It could very well be the beginning of WW 3. But what they're not  

telling us is that this war IS a religious war. Also consider this:  

the Russians are not on our side, nor is China. And we have a large  

part of our economy tied up in China since they let us use their  

slave labor.

If you'd like I'll repost the article on what this lama said and what  

the Kalachakra prophecies say (it's by his translator). It's not for  

the faint of heart, the PC or those who think all religions are good,  

some just have a few bad apples.

I predict that the US is in for a big scale depression much that will 

make the Depression of the 1930's look like a Sunday picnic.  It has to 

happen as the US lives on too high a standard of living to continue.  We 

consume seven times the resources we should.  There could have been a 

kind way to readjust the economy for this which I think was what was in 

mind at the end of the 1970's before Reagan came along and screwed 

things up.  But so many Americans are just so spoiled and living in an 

illusion anyway the painful way will be good since it will wake them up.

The North American Union could change that. Think of all the cheap labor the corporations will have then...The rich will get richer and the middle class will get poorer. Trade unions will be side-stepped.


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